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Main Content: TeamTalk server information

Before you can use the TeamTalk server, you must download the TeamTalk application from the official website first.
Once you have the installer, when you reach the dialog to choose which type of install you'd like to make, select TeamTalk 5 Classic Client for Accessibility. This will ensure NVDA or JAWS labels buttons and sliders correctly.
Once the application is installed, open it. Then press the F2 key.
You'll be taken to the Hosts Manager. Tab to the host address, and type
. Next, Tab to TCP port. Type
. Tab again to the UDP port, and type in the same number, 10052.
In order to use the server, you must have an account. This is for extra security measures. To get an account, please contact me privately with the username and password of your choosing. Use the Home link in the navigation menu above to return to the home page to do so.
Done. Now go down until it says Server name, and type something you'll remember, such as "tunmi13's server." Then select the Add button to add it to the hosts list, so you don't have to continuously type it in.