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Main Content: Shooter Extreme, a 2D Endless Sidescroller FPS

Welcome to Shooter Extreme, the Python rewrite!
A while ago, Shooter Extreme was a small little project I had made in BGT to help people figure out how to make games. I then abandoned the old source code and moved onto redesigning a newer version in BGT, implementing more tools of destruction, such as aircrafts, missiles, and robots. However, I soon set the project aside until recently, when I decided I would rewrite it in Python.
Also recently, Mohamed has teamed up with me, and we have come up with something pretty good for an offline shooter. So Shooter Extreme is now extreme indeed.
Shooter Extreme, or Shooter XT, is a 2D sidescrolling game in which your goal is to kill the enemies that are thrown at you. But this time, Shooter Extreme is back, and now lives up to its title!
Using health drinks to keep yourself alive, picking up ammo around the map, dispersing robots and missiles to help you bring down the enemies that await you, and participating in long standing sky battles, this game is full of action and violence that the old version could've never offered before.


Download Python release