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Main Content: Dangerous Drive, Ultimate Chase

You are a criminal, who has been on the loose for months on end. And your most recent crime? Blowing up a building with the strongest grenade in your arsenal. You think that you will escape, just like all the other times you have done so. But not this time. A cop has detected your location, and is coming for you! Dangerous Drive is a fun driving game, in which your goal is to outrun a cop, while also controlling your vehicle as best as possible. If you drive too far to the left or right, your car will bounce back and take damage. Sounds easy, right? Stay in the center! But that is not the only problem. The season that the game takes place in is rather full of uneven roads, some snowfall, and some pretty heavy rain. So your car will veer like crazy depending on the condition of the road. There are also spikes and oncoming cars, so you must drive around them.