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Main Content: Battle of the Hunter

Under your father's rule, you were classified a hunter. You were responsible for killing game and bringing it back for the family to eat. Several other citizens of the small village that your father ruled over, also did likewise for their families. One day your father decided to hold an event that would allow hunters from all around the village to test their archery skills. And you were delighted to participate. The event was even more exciting, because it would take place in another village. So you were told to pack what you had. You brought your bow with you, and several arrows, and set off for the event's location, which was only a days walk. You walked through the forest for days, trying to find the village. But you couldn't. You eventually became lost, and animals became attracted to your scent. The clearing you found could only cover your whereabouts for so long. You had no other choice but to fight them off, for as long as you could, and wait for your death... Battle of the Hunter is a 2D endless game, in which your goal is to survive in the forest-like environment around you. Gather resources to craft stronger weapons and tools that will allow you to survive. Eat and drink as you battle your way through the oncoming animals. Pick fruits from trees to keep yourself from dying of hunger, and drink water from the nearby spring to keep yourself from dying of thirst. Will you survive, or will you die? It all depends on you.


NOTE: This version of the game contains several bugs and glitches. I am working on a redesigned version of the game, but until then, take heed when downloading this version. Download