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Apologies for the long-broken Fortnite Swamp Soundpack link, it is now working, thanks Cattaleen for making me aware of this. Please note I will no longer be updating this soundpack. I've fixed the homepage links being absent from several pages. If i missed a page please don't forget to contact me. Also we now have a new contact page which can be found at the bottom of the page. This makes IT EASIER FOR THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE AN E-MAIL CLIENT.

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Introducing the tunmi13 Game Music Pack! Price: $30USD

This pack holds 30 music tracks that I've created, along with 4 additional trakcs for menus, in .OGG format. Creditting is not required, although it will help if you do. Information is found in the archive you will recieve upon payment.
Keep in mind that I willl not always check my e-mail, so it may take 1 to 48 hours for me to process your payment.

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Thanks to Sunrise Waterfall by Nathan Tech, there is now a contact page. You can visit this page with the following link below.

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Don't forget to check out my YouTube page for my beats. They are free to use as long as you credit me.

You can also visit my Twitter page.


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